Skin:Very Damaged
*Height:5ft 10in
*Body Type:Athletic/Muscular
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Level: 30
XP: 0
EFF: none
Bottle Caps: 100
*Misc 1)Harmonica



“Dane is a bit slow to warm up, unless she has had a few drinks and you happen to be a attractive woman” – Terri Kade
Dane is generally quiet and serious when around new people, she had been around the wastelands long enough to retain a healthy level of suspicion for new people. Once you get to know her she is a wealth of stories, knowledge and entertainment. She generally manages the trade and scouting of the camp and is looked to as the chief security officer of sorts. She has a fondness for liquor, of any variety, and is an extremely jovial drunk: when she drinks she often forgets the trouble of the wastes and will teach and sing long forgotten Pre-War songs or play them on her harmonica.


Dane is a retired Mercenary, her previous work experience giving her expertise in survival, tracking and scouting. Born before the war she and her family survived the bombs in a home-made bomb shelter built on the property of her rural home. When their supplies ran out she, as the eldest left the shelter with her father in search of people, news and supplies. The isolated location of her north Texas home in rural farmland protected them from direct destruction but without working phone lines they were only able to make contact with their immediate neighbors. Her family and neighbors lived in continued isolation living together off the land as best they could. Seven years or so later, around her 20th birthday, everyone except for her had died from radiation poisoning in the water supplies. She proved resistant to the effects of radiation eventually becoming a ghoul, thus surviving her only family and friends, it took her countless years to reconcile with their deaths and realize that her survival and ghoulification did not make her responsible for their deaths. After wondering away from her home she eventually became a mercenary guard for the trading caravans that slowly sprung up across the wasteland. After spending hundreds of years traveling across the wastes, watching good and bad, young and old, desperate and powerful people kill each other over scraps of food and bits of metal she retired and journeyed back north towards her home.On her way up north she met the The Followers of the Apocalypse and became instrumental in their surviving the first conflicts with and eventual retreat from The Commonwealth of Texas, eventually helping them establish the camp at the Flint Quarries. She stayed on helping the Followers and was there to witness the Birth of Terri and became a sort of adopted mother to Alicia and Albert Hamilton after the death of their parents on a scouting mission.


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