Albert Hamilton


Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Hispanic
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Medium Tan
*Cut:Shoulder length, in a low pony-tail
*Color:Dark Brown
*Height:5ft 7in
*Body Type:Athletic/Broad-chested
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Level: 8
XP: 0
EFF: none
Bottle Caps: 10
*Misc 6)matches



Albert is jovial and athletic just like his sister Alicia Hamilton. He can usually be found scouting with his sister and the two of them are almost always guaranteed to be up to some shenanigan or another. Like peas in a pod Albert and Alicia are always together, Albert takes special joy n imagining and planning exactly what trouble they should get up to next. Although his sister talks often of seeking a way to remove the threat of the Commonwealth Albert is less convinced that they and the other Followers will ever be effective against the force of the Commonwealth. Albert is more of the mind of searching for other powerful factions to ally with and seek protection through them.


Albert and his twin sister were born at the camp and have lived their entire lives there working with and being educated by their fellow followers. Albert and his sister were about 9yrs old when the news of their parents death reached camp. The followers already employed the “it takes a village” stance on children but the two were deeply shaken by the loss of their parents. The two eventually bonded with Dane and came to see her as their adopted mother as she taught them survival skills and helped them cope with the loss of their family.

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Albert Hamilton

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