Trade and Transport


Three caravan companies run most of the supplies through Texas, this small number is due th the harshness of the Texas Wasteland and the Cyclone Storms that make it impassable for 4 months out of the year

Familia Grande Trading Company
A large family of who have been in the Caravaning business for around 100yrs.
Comanche Caravan
A Caravan company that took its name from the Comanche tribe of Native Americans who lived in the area of their HQ long before the Great War.
Black Hawk Traders
A relatively new Caravan company that was established about 40yrs ago on Black Hawk rd near Houston


There are two modes of transportation in the Texas Wastelands; the Texas Railway, which is presently not running due to mysterious circumstances, and The Roughnecks, a group of Mercenaries tsationed across Texas who offer security anf guidance to people needing to cross the Texas Wastelands.

Trade and Transport

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