Terri Kade


Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Caucasian
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Medium Tan
*Color:Dark Blond
*Height:5ft 3in
*Body Type:Athletic/Average
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Level: 10
XP: 0
EFF: none
Bottle Caps: 100
*Misc 2 Pre-War books on Animal Husbandry, 1 Pre-War book on Agriculture,



Terri is a good natured and even tempered woman. She spends her time organizing the members of the camp at the Flint Quarriesand overseeing their crops, animals and flint production. She is almost always relaxed although she seems vaguely sad, she is generous and helpful to those in need and more than willing to share her knowledge with everyone.


Terri was born in the camp and raised by her father who was the camp’s acting physician. She a is second generation Follower and firmly believer in their cause. She learned a great deal about medicine from her father and educated herself in Animal Husbandry and Agriculture through trial-and-error and seeking out Old-World books. She remained in the camp after her father’s death, taking over his role as physician and using her knowledge of farming to help the members thrive. Her dedication, skill and good nature have earned her a position of authority at the camp and most member look to her for guidance and council.

Terri Kade

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