Age: ???
Gender: ??
Race: Super Mutant
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Super Mutant (a deep and thick scar traces around the super mutant’s skull)
*Height:7ft 8in
*Body Type:Athletic/Muscular
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Level: 10
XP: 0
EFF: none
Bottle Caps: 10
*Misc 1)worn scrap of paper w/ wedding vows. 1)sac of various “treasures”



Doe is a quiet and extremely shy person. Doe will quickly warm up to people tho as they are also naive and trusting to the extreme due to their poor mental health. Doe suffers from extreme memory loss and can only recall confusing and sometimes scary flashes of memory. Doe speaks in a gravely whisper as the harsh and deep sound of their own voice scares them. Doe spends most of their time shepherding the animals that the followers keep since most creatures in the waste tend to flee before attack a Super Mutant. Doe will quickly become attached to strangers and likes to give them gifts, usually colorful leaves or flowers that they collect and keep in a small sack stung around their neck.


Doe was found by the followers shortly after they arrived in the quarries. Doe wandered close to camp during a flash flood that blocked her passage to the cave she was previously living in. Doe stayed with the Followers until the waters subsided and they attempted to help her get back to her cave. Doe has a very poor memory for non-living things and could hardly guide their new friends back to the proper complex, that combined with the recent flooding having caused mud-slides changing the face of the landscape, Doe was unable to determine where their old home was and decided to live with their new friends. Doe often talks about having “forgotten something at home” and then of “having forgot what home was anyways” this talk usually just leaves Doe sad or confused.


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