Prominant member of The Prophets


Age: 39
Gender: MAle
Race: Human/Caucasian
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Very Pale
*Cut: Short Mens’ cut very neat
*Color:Dark Black but severely greyed
*Height:5ft 9in
*Body Type:Thin/Average
Alignment: Lawful/Good
Level: 10
XP: 0
EFF: none
Bottle Caps: 100
Anders is a human man in his late 30s, average height and build, greying black hair always neatly combed. Pale blue eyes and pale white skin, his thin lips, highly arched brows, and habit or wringing his hands give him a perpetually stressed appearance.



Anders has a stressed and nervous personality, constantly displaying small ticks, he often makes other nervous just being around him. Anders is a socially well accepted, and respected member of The Prophets. As a complete believer in their doctrine Anders has an extreme aversion to any change, variation, or different interpretation, of The Prophets beliefs. Although he is completely unfailingly loyal to Cecil as the present Vasal, Anders has many misgivings about Amala. Anders believes Amala to be the chosen Vassal as she was predicted to be such by Cecil in keeping with the beliefs of The Prophets, but her radical interpretations of their beliefs scare him, and his close friend Content Not Found: isabel-lloyd believes Amala to be a false Vassal.


Anders grew up with The Prophets, close to those most influential to the group. When he was young he made is place in the group by devoutly dedicating himself to the cause.


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