Chosen One of The Prophets


Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Caucasian
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale
*Cut:Short, Straight, Bob
*Color:Pale Blond
*Height:5ft 5in
*Body Type:Shinny/Slender
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Level: 10
XP: 0
EFF: none
Bottle Caps: 100

Amala is a human female age 20. Tall for her age and slight in figure, she keeps her straight very pale hair in a chin length bob, and her large bright green eyes make her look innocent and open. She stands very straight and tends to keep her feet close together giving her a very lilting stance, and a constant habit of pushing her hair behind her ears give her a scene of femininity despite her thin flat figure. Her hands are noticeably rough from labor as she prefers the outdoors, and freckles cover her face all long her cheek bones.



Amala is a brave and determined person, she wrestles with the intentions of the religion and her own personal feelings and ideology about god that she has developed over the years. Amala spends much of her time out-of-doors working for and with her people, she feels a deep connection to them and a even deeper responsibility to them, to guide them and do what is best for their well-being.


Amala is a child of The Prophets, who was predicted to be the next Vassal “The Chosen One”. Although she has been raised in the dogma of the prophets her whole life Amala has developed her own perspective on the true mission of the prophets. At the age of 11, about half way through her preparation for becoming the next Vassal, Amala started speaking out against the Prophets obsessive goals with cleansing and purifying the world, She felt that their goal was to bring purity from the inside out, cleansing the soul and thus the body. Amala argued that concentrating on the purity of the body was itself a sort of impurity born of a obsession with the forever impure physical world. Amala fees that if one can be pure of spirit when they finally come to rest that they have achieved true purity by rising above the impure state of the physical world, and valuing above all else their own essence and the essence of others.
This mode of thinking from their spiritual leader effectively splits the Prophets into two groups. the people on Amala’s side believe her to be the most pure and ascended Vassal, and that her new take on their morals a sign that she is more close to God than any Vassal before her. The other side believes her to be corrupted and that it is a sign that the Prophets have become impure and are failing their mission, and must redouble their efforts to cleans the world.

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